SPC Flooring Carpet Series

5mm thickness

0.30mm wear resistant layer

no attached Pad

price indicates for per square foot


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Elevate your interior spaces with our premier SPC Flooring Carpet Series – the ultimate fusion of luxurious comfort and state-of-the-art durability. This groundbreaking collection redefines the concept of carpet flooring by blending the plush feel of traditional carpets with the robust technology of Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) flooring. Designed for those who desire the coziness of carpet without compromising on performance, our Carpet Series offers an innovative flooring solution tailored for both residential and commercial environments.

Immerse yourself in the comfort and elegance that our SPC Flooring Carpet Series provides. With a variety of textures and colors available, these floors bring the classic sophistication of carpet to your interior design scheme. From the subtle charm of neutral tones to the bold statement of vibrant hues, our carpet series is crafted to complement any room’s aesthetic, be it a cozy bedroom, a chic office, or a welcoming living area.

At the core of our Carpet Series lies the revolutionary SPC technology which provides an ultra-durable backbone to the soft surface of our carpets. SPC flooring is renowned for its ability to withstand high traffic, resist moisture, and maintain its form under pressure. This means you can enjoy the inviting texture of carpet flooring with the added assurance of a product built to last.

Our SPC Flooring Carpet Series is designed with convenience in mind. The innovative click-lock installation system makes for a straightforward setup that can be easily tackled by DIY enthusiasts or quickly laid down by professionals. This user-friendly design minimizes installation time, transforming your space with speed and efficiency.

Bid farewell to the exhaustive maintenance that traditional carpets demand. The SPC Flooring Carpet Series is engineered for ease, requiring simple cleaning methods to keep the carpets looking fresh and new. Spills, stains, and dirt can be tackled in no time, ensuring your floors remain immaculate and stylish with minimal effort.

Enjoy the acoustic benefits of carpet flooring with enhanced sound-dampening features that bring tranquility to your space. The SPC core adds an extra layer of thermal insulation, providing a warm and cozy underfoot experience that is perfect for colder climates or simply for added comfort in any room.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our SPC Flooring Carpet Series. Constructed from eco-friendly materials and designed to last, our carpets reduce the need for frequent replacements, ensuring a smaller environmental footprint and a safer living space free from toxic chemicals.

The versatility of our SPC carpet flooring allows it to seamlessly integrate into any design vision. Whether you’re revamping a traditional setting or complementing a modern interior, our Carpet Series serves as a versatile design element that can adapt to various decors and styles.

Choosing our SPC Flooring Carpet Series is an investment in both quality and comfort. The durable construction paired with the plush feel of carpet delivers a luxurious experience that stands the test of time. Transform your space into a haven of style and relaxation with our Carpet Series.

Embrace the innovative blend of comfort and resilience with our SPC Flooring Carpet Series. Perfect for those who appreciate the warmth and texture of carpet but demand the durability and easy maintenance of high-performance flooring. Bring your interior design dreams to life with the perfect combination of style, function, and longevity – choose our SPC Flooring Carpet Series.