Sustainability in Style: How to Make Green Choices in Your Home Decor

Sustainability in Style: How to Make Green Choices in Your Home Decor

You’re looking to spruce up your living room or revamp your bedroom, but you don’t want your home decor choices to cost the earth.

We get it, you want your place to look good but still feel good about the impact your style has on the planet. The good news is, that going green with your decor doesn’t mean sacrificing style or breaking the bank. There are so many options now for sustainable, eco-friendly home goods that are also totally on-trend.

In this article, we’ll show you some of our favourite ways to makeover your space with decor that’s kind to the environment and still Instagram-worthy. From natural fibre rugs to repurposed wood accent tables to organic cotton bedding, you’ll find everything you need to give your rooms a sustainable refresh they’ll be talking about.

What Is Sustainable Interior Design?

Sustainable interior design means choosing furnishings and decor that are environmentally friendly and ethically made. By opting for sustainable home decor, you can reduce waste, support fair trade, and create a healthy indoor environment.

A big part of sustainability is using natural, organic materials that are renewable and biodegradable. Think bamboo, cotton, wool, and linen instead of plastics and synthetics. Reclaimed wood, like from old barns or factories, is also a great choice. These natural materials are better for the planet and your indoor air quality.

When shopping for new items, consider the entire lifecycle of a product. Look for durable, high-quality pieces that will last a long time. Ask about how and where items are made to support fair wages and safe working conditions. Buy secondhand or vintage when possible, and be willing to pay more for sustainability to encourage more eco-friendly practices.

In your own home, do an audit of what you already own and find ways to repurpose and reuse things. Get creative with what you have before buying new. And properly recycle or donate anything you no longer need.

Making sustainable choices in how you decorate your home is easier than you might think. Do your part for the environment by choosing natural, organic and ethically-made furnishings and decor. Your home and the planet will thank you.

Tips for Choosing Eco-Friendly Furniture in Singapore

When decorating your home, choose furniture and furnishings that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. In Singapore, there are many options for finding eco-friendly pieces that also suit your style and Chee Geen Interior is one of them.

Look for Natural, Recycled or Upcycled Materials

Seek out furniture made from natural, renewable materials like bamboo, rattan, seagrass or cotton. These materials are durable yet biodegradable. You might also find pieces made from recycled wood, plastic or metal. Upcycled furniture, made from reclaimed materials, is another great option.

Consider Vintage or Secondhand Pieces

Buying used furniture is an easy way to reduce waste and your environmental impact. Check out thrift stores, antique shops, garage sales or online marketplaces for unique vintage finds. With some TLC, used pieces can become stylish statement pieces in your home.

Buy From Sustainable Brands

Many companies now focus on eco-friendly and sustainable products. Look for brands that use renewable, recycled or upcycled materials and ethical production practices like Chee Geen. Sustainable brands often last longer, supporting the “reduce, reuse, recycle” philosophy.

Read the Fine Print

Check the labels or product information to ensure pieces are genuinely environmentally friendly. Look for certification from organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council, Fair Trade, or the Singapore Green Label. These certify the use of sustainable materials and fair labour practices.

By choosing eco-friendly decor and furnishings, you can create a stylish space that’s gentle on the planet. Your sustainable choices make a difference! Focus on natural, used or recycled materials from ethical brands for a greener home in Singapore.

Green Decorating Materials to Use in Your Home Renovation

When renovating your home, choose materials and products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Here are some green decorating options to consider:

Reclaimed or Upcycled Materials

Using materials that already exist, like reclaimed wood or repurposed furniture, reduces waste and demand for new raw materials. Reclaimed wood can be used for flooring, panelling, shelving or accents. Look for salvaged items at antique stores, flea markets or Habitat for Humanity ReStores.

Natural and Organic Materials

Choose materials that are natural, organic, or responsibly and sustainably sourced. Examples include organic cotton or hemp fabrics, natural latex or buckwheat fill for mattresses and pillows, and FSC-certified wood. These are healthier for you and the planet.

Eco-Friendly Paints and Finishes

For walls or wood treatments, select no- or low-VOC paints, stains and sealants. VOCs are toxic chemicals that pollute the air and environment. Brands like Ecos, Mythic and Aura offer paints in contemporary colours with little to no VOCs. Use a primer for the best results.

Sustainable Flooring

Opt for flooring made from renewable, biodegradable materials that can be recycled like wood, bamboo, cork or natural linoleum. If choosing a carpet, select one made from recycled materials that can also be recycled. Avoid vinyl, laminate and tile which off-gas toxic chemicals.

Energy Efficient Products

When possible, choose lighting, appliances and electronics that are Energy Star-rated for efficiency. Using less energy reduces pollution and lowers utility bills. Options like LED bulbs, tankless water heaters and smart thermostats are great for the environment and your wallet.

Making green choices for your home renovation contributes to sustainability through reducing waste, conserving natural resources and improving indoor air quality. An eco-friendly, energy-efficient space is also less expensive to operate and maintain, providing benefits for years to come.

Hiring a Sustainable Interior Design Service in Singapore

Hiring a Sustainable Interior Design Service in Singapore

More and more homeowners in Singapore are opting for sustainable and eco-friendly interior design. If you want to make environmentally-conscious choices for your home decor but don’t know where to start, consider hiring an interior designer with experience in sustainable design.

A sustainable interior designer can help you make choices for your home that are better for the planet by using renewable, recycled and non-toxic materials. They are knowledgeable about the latest eco-friendly furnishings, textiles and building materials. Some services they may offer include:

  • Sourcing sustainable materials like bamboo, cork or reclaimed wood for flooring, countertops or furniture

  • Choosing low-VOC paints, stains and finishes that release fewer harmful fumes

  • Selecting energy-efficient lighting and appliances to lower your utility bills

  • Repurposing or upcycling existing furniture and decor instead of buying new whenever possible

  • Creating multi-functional spaces that maximize natural light and airflow for improved comfort

When interviewing designers, ask about their experience with sustainable design and what specific environmentally-friendly products and practices they recommend. View photos of past projects to get a sense of their style. Make sure you mesh well with the designer’s creative vision and values.

Hiring a professional sustainable interior designer in Singapore may cost 10-30% more than a traditional designer. However, the long-term savings from an eco-friendly home, as well as the peace of mind from making a positive environmental impact, can make the investment well worth it. An experienced sustainable designer can turn your vision of an earth-friendly home into a stylish reality.

Stylish and Sustainable: Featured Green Home Decor Ideas

Stylish and Sustainable: Featured Green Home Decor Ideas

When choosing home decor, opt for sustainable and eco-friendly options whenever possible. Here are some stylish yet sustainable decor ideas to consider:

Reclaimed wood furniture adds warmth and character to any space. Wood from old barns, factories and homes gets a second life as tables, chairs, shelving and more. Look for pieces made from wood that have been responsibly and ethically sourced.

Natural fibre rugs like jute, sisal, sea grass and cotton are durable and biodegradable. These sustainably made rugs come in neutral colours that complement any decor style. For extra comfort, use a rug pad made of natural materials like felt.

Repurposed decor like tin ceiling tiles, wooden pallets, antique signs and glass bottles get new life as wall art, shelving and storage. Check salvage yards, thrift stores, yard sales and online for unique pieces with a history. Upcycle and repaint as needed for a custom look.

Eco-friendly upholstered furniture contains sustainable and non-toxic materials like organic cotton, linen, hemp and recycled fillers or cushions. These comfy yet green couches and chairs are durable, stylish and better for your indoor air quality. Look for upholstery made with low-VOC, water-based adhesives and stains.

Sustainable art incorporates recycled or upcycled materials, non-toxic mediums and environmentally friendly practices. From wall art and sculptures made of recycled glass, paper or metal to all-natural wood pieces, eco-art adds visual interest with a positive impact. Support local artisans and fair trade whenever possible.

By choosing sustainable, repurposed and natural materials for your home decor, you can create a stylish space that’s healthier for you and the planet. Every small change makes a difference, so opt for green decorating choices whenever you can. Your home and the environment will thank you.


So there you have it, some simple swaps and tips to make your home decor more sustainable without sacrificing your sense of style. The choices you make in how you furnish and decorate your living space have an impact, however small. Why not opt for options that are better for the planet whenever you can? Your home is an expression of who you are – make it reflect your values. And remember, every step counts. Don’t feel overwhelmed by going completely zero waste and off-grid overnight. Start with one room or one product at a time and build from there. A sustainable home is a lifelong work in progress. The important thing is that you start. Your future self and the planet will thank you for it.

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